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Bare-Rife Connstruction Details (Austin)

Removable Shelf Assembly Allows for easiy mounting and maintenance of components

rife assembly

rife top back

rife top back detail

rife bottom

rife cd bottom

(Note: We would NOT recommend the extended cable lengths as shown in this photo. Shorter cables minimize stray RF and more efficiently deliver the signal to the tube)

quareone mic cable

rife squareone mic cable

rife squareone

rifegen program

Construction Comment

I personally am not sure about the wisdom of constructing a "floor standing" unit as this again. Although this was built for a specific environment, and worked quite well, I personally think it is better to have a unit further from the potentionally reactive components found in solid concrete and rebar reinforced foundations typical of construction in our area. Second floor installs might be less affected. We HAVE seen the house foundation and sourrounding obgects understandably affect SWR. All units developed after this one have been for table top and elevated use.


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