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An Introduction To RIFE Technology

Jimmie HolmanPaul and I would personally like to welcome you to the Beginner's Introduction to Rife Technology web site.

The fact that you are reading this probably means you have more than a casual interest in this amazing and developing technology.

When I first began my investigation, I incorrectly assumed that most of this science was pure quackery and fraud. Having a technical background, and easy access to most of the necessary equipment, and a background and experience of most of the specific components required, it was rather easy for me to begin an investigation into this suppressed technology.

A dear lady, (Yolanda Neely), humbly reminded me... “To accept or reject a new idea without investigation is the height of ignorance.” When I began, they're really wasn't that much available technical content on the net or otherwise easily accessible. I was quite fortunate to find experienced individuals willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Within these pages, you will find much of the content that I sought out and the things that we have learned over time, as well as the experiences and general knowledge that I have accumulated thanks to many generous like-minded others.

Regardless of the type system you are building or buying, these pages should help you become a better informed consumer or user. I sincerely hope you enjoy this constantly evolving content as much as we enjoy putting it together for you.

Jimmie Holman

IMPORTANT UPDATE August 2008: The Introduction To Rife website is being republished for archive and reference purposes. Much new knowledge has been gained since its forced removal in 2006.  We are aware because of the many emails, letters and phone calls received that this was an important reference and starting point for many people new to the subject.  Both Paul and myself deeply regretted the forced removal beyond our control and have been fighting for the right to again make it freely available. That has finally been accomplished.

Many advances have been made during this time, with much new knowledge acquired.  Over the last few years, there has been much discussion about what is truly Rife technology and what should even be called “Rife”.  Many may find it surprising, but we tend to agree, thatmany or even MOST devices today do not fall into that architecture and use as Royal Rife himself probably originally intended.  This is not to say the newer devices are inferior... In fact, many have greatly expanded uses and may in fact be better performers than that of Rife’s day (despite myth and legend).

Unquestionably many of the basic concepts and intents are definitely shared between original Rife devices and emerging technologies but are not limited to the scope of the original. A better technical understanding of these similarities and differences is essential to better development, utilize, and improve the technology, regardless of what it is called.

In an attempt to better continue and share our efforts, within the realm of the evolving technology and the wider scope, rather than “replacing” the IntroductionToRife.com website… we will be following along with the BioLectRX.com website. In a format similar to the InrtoductionToRife website, Both Paul and myself look forward to sharing much of the new content and capabilities this wider perspective allows.

Those who choose to look at Rife ONLY in the destructive mechanismsthat have typicall become associated with the technology… are probably missing out on about 98% of the capabilities the science has to offer” – Jimmie Holman, Pulsed Technologies

Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu


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