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Transportable Bare-Rife Construction

Case and tube app. 60 lbs.

Portable... is a "relative" term. I often jokingly say it is about as portable as a 35" TV. This is actually a bit better than that and does allow for relatively easy moving around.

Case selection and configuration and cooling allows for the unit to be operated without removal from the case.

Bulb/Tube mount is NOT shown here but raised bulb off deck and is conveniently stored in case or tube.

(tube mount shown below)

Unit is self supporting and easily moveable as a single piece unit.

Shown Below with my modified SquareOne

This is a modification of Bob Hansen's excellent SquareOne computer Interface. My redesign allows for a handheld unit which also will remotely key the transmitter when appropriate.

Tube Attachments conveniently located on top for easy access.

Open design allows for excellent cooling and relatively easy maintenance when required.

(Note case reinforcement brackets on corners and cooling fan in photo above)

Shown Here is the simple yet durable tube mount. the mount is constructed very simply from a piece of PVC tubing and a fiberglass "arrow (as used in archery). The Arrow shaft is quite inexpensive yet light weight and almost indestructible. Being non metallic, and non conductive, there is not a problem of inductance or reaction with the RF field.

This type of mount also allowed for the easy placement of a simple lightweight "duct" for spot cooling of the electrode that tends to get hot as well as other specific areas within unit.

More detailed construction photos

With only one minor exception, this unit pictured here was built entirely to the specifications and directions in Jim Bare's excellent book
Resonant Frequency Therapy:
Building the Rife Beam Ray Device

* the only alteration was the use of much higher quality and lower signal loss RF cables which allowed for very short runs between units while maintaining the ability to easily tune to very low SWRs. (I had access to some of the wire to a recently decommissioned government facility... I couldn't have afforded it otherwise)

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