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Bare US05908441 Resonant Frequency Therapy Device 9
Bare US06221094 Resonant Frequency Therapy Device 10
Cadossi & Marazzi US4683873 Method and Device for Treating Living Tissues and/or Cells by Means of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields 5
Chang US4822470 Method of and Apparatus for Cell Poration and Cell Fusion Using Radiofrequency Electrical Pulses 15
Costa & Hoffman US4665898 Malignancy Treatment 7
Crane 1973 830,587 Means and Processes for Polution Control 92
Dawson US3965008 Portable Water Sterilization Device 4
Ellis US4019510 Therapeutic Method of Using Low Intensity Direct Current Generator with Polarity Reversal 5
Findl & Milch US4428366 Electromagnetic Apparatus and method for the Reduction of Serum Clucose Levels 12
Flanagan US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device 4
Forrest US5248437 Method for the Magnetic Inhibition of Protista 4
Gordon US4106488 Cancer Treatment Method 6
Gordon US4303636 Cancer Treatment 6
Gordon US4622952 Cancer Treatment Method 8
Hoffmann US4524074 (not currently available)  
Jones 592735 (1897) – (not currently available)  
Kaali US5188738 Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids with Electric Forces 19
Kaali US5137684 (not currently available)  
La Comme US672231 (1901) - (not currently available)  
Lathrop & Johnston US5133352 Method for Treating Herpes Simplex 9
Liboff, McLeod, & Smith US5437600 Method and Apparatus for the Treatment of Cancer 15
Middleton & Barnes US5645697 Preventing Contaminate Build-up in Beer Lines 9
Myers US3753866 (not currently available)  
Priore US3280816 Method of Producing Radiations for Penetrating Living Cells
Priore US3368155 Apparatus for Producing Radiations Penetrating 10
Ryaby & Pilla US4266532 Modification of the Growth, Repair and Maintenance Behavior of Living Tissues and Cells by a Specific and Selective Change in Electrical Environment 18


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