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Kaboom.avi - simple short movie showing the destruction of a Paramecium Caudatum when exposed to A Bare-Rife emission modulated at 1150 Hz undergoing Evisceration, Electroporation, and Disintegration, from the Plasma Wave emission.
  Audio Interviews  
  The following Interviews Are currently located in streaming Real Audio Format in the Jeff Rense Archives located at http://www.soundwaves2000.com/rense/
Barry Lynes – The Cancer Cure That Worked Rense Interview 4-16-03
Dan Haley – Alternative Health Suppression Rense Interview 3-24-03
Gary Wade – Rife and Energy Medicine Rense Interview 1-29-03
Dr. James Bare – Talks About Dr. Royal Rife Rense Interview 2-21-03
John Bedini – Electricity from the Earth Rense Interview 2-5-03
Patrick Flanagan – Innovations for Body and Mind - Part 1 Rense Interview 2-23-03
Patrick Flanagan – Conversation – Part 2 Rense Interview 3-3-03
Shawn Montgomery & Jason Ringas – Royal Rife – In His Own Words Rense Interview 3-5-03
  Audio Presentation  
  Robert Beck Audio Presentation – (4 parts in Real Audio format)  

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

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