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Construction Aids

Cobra 25LTD Schematic and Alignment Procedures
The Uniden PC68XL which has become the defacto standard for Bare-Rife work has not had the schematics made easily available. The Cobra 25LTD is basically the identical radio. Some nomenclature is slightly different, but overall layout is identical. In lieu of available Uniden released documentation, the Cobra technical docs here should provide sufficient resources for any troubleshooting and repair needs
Construction A Reusable Electrode Pad - Holman - and annotated pictorial for easily constructing reusable electrode pads from common household materials
Uniden 510XL Schematic
Although now outdated, the 510 was a great little radio for Rife modification and experimentation. Unfortunately, the later production units, although having an identical outward appearance are nothing like their earlier predecessors. Only the older units are easily modifiable.
  Suggested Tube Wrap Pictorial for the Bare - Rife Environment - Holman
This annotated pictorial shows a tested and proven efficient method for wrapping a Bare-Rife straight or bubble tube. This method seems to maximize delivery of RF energies into the noble gases wher they are efficiently absorbed and therefore minimizing spurious RF emissions to surrounding equipment and bodies.
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