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Poor Man's Rife - HV Plasma Rife (Part Four)

Construction of a Rife Tube Driver is pretty straight forward.

The components are relatively simple but you MUST use excellent construction practices and quality materials as you are dealing with exceptionally high voltages.

Ventilation, cooling fan, heat sink are also needed.

The diagram here should be all that you need to provide the necessary electronics to "drive" the plasma tube.

You must of course provide the appropriate square wave signal at app. 5 volts which triggers the transistor which in turn is stepped up with the ignition coil.

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Shown here with a typical bench type regulated power supply although you may be able to use an existing auto battery charger or even a gel cell type battery if it can provide sufficient current. (4 amps or so)

This is another desktop type unit which incorporates the power supply into the same case.

Both the HV "Brick" and the Desktop Unit are available for Sale. Both units allow different types of bulbs to be quickly and easily changed out for the ultimate ease in Rife experimentation.


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